Ease of Use

Start immediately by using our API in your application. Bluzelle Cache is already deployed, managed, and ready for use -- write minimal code to cache your data to it. We give you code snippets in many languages to get you started.

Availability & Performance

Our servers are available in many data centers across multiple regions, giving your applications low latencies and high throughputs. Our servers use preferential inter-regional connections to provide high performance. Tiering ensures that Bluzelle Cache can match your I/O performance needs.


Data within Bluzelle Cache is globally replicated across 25+ global regions. With our client libraries, you can easily and scalably store your data across our servers. Your data is always available, irrespective of faults, disasters, or attack vectors.

Horizontal Scalability

There is no up-front infrastructure deployment cost, as there is nothing new to deploy. Pay only for the services you use as you go. This flexibility ensures that your costs grow organically with customer acquisition.


You are able to use Bluzelle as your primary data store or as a replica-set, depending on how you decide to use our APIs in your codebase. We provide to you all the coding patterns from which you can make your selection. Additional servers can be quickly added to new data centres.


Data at rest is optionally secured within our cache with bank-grade security 256-bit encryption. Only entities with permission to access the data can decrypt it. Our consensus algorithm ensures that data can only be changed by those with authorized credentials.