Challenge and the Solution

When going for a global audience, it is mission critical for games to be highly available and have low latency otherwise you risk losing customers.


You have an online game and your database is in Portland but your game suddenly takes off in India. You will need to set up another server and replicate everything to keep performance up. Then the game takes off in Britain and you have to do this all over again. Each time this costs time and money. A big problem is you may not know where your next customers come from. Bluzelle solves this.


Bluzelle Cache is a key-value store that is highly available, durable and globally distributed, without any operational overhead or configuration necessary. No matter what database you are running for your application, cache your data to Bluzelle and see instant results in performance. Your data is always nearby. Everywhere.

Bluzelle is well suited for video games, media & entertainment industries.

Bluzelle comes with a complete package to get you going right away.

  • Automatic data replication

  • High availability

  • Publish and subscribe messaging

  • Intelligent data persistence between RAM and flash

  • Automatically scale out data to united tiers

  • Cache size 250 MB - 12 GB

  • Client support in JS